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Please click on the circle which best reflects your experience *
Please click on the circle which best reflects your experience
The team at Lucas & Co. were professional and diligent in handing my case.
I felt confident in the level of legal expertise and knowledge shown by staff.
Staff were courteous, efficient and understood my needs.
The legal team negotiated well on my behalf and were tenacious in serving my interests.
I received useful and clear advice in e-mails and on the phone which kept me updated with progress.
Written communication was clear, direct and accessible.
I received a high standard of legal service for my fees which were good value for money.
Costs were clearly explained and transparent.
The settlement achieved on my behalf was successful and the case was resolved to my satisfaction.
I am happy with the service I received from Lucas & Co. and would recommend this firm of Solicitors to others seeking legal redress.
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